Never Mind The WHEELS On The Bus🎶

A few days ago, I experienced great sadness with my son as he picked up a toy school bus, came over to me with it, and held it up so that he could peer in. He began looking about as if searching the aisles for someone, and then he spoke: “no one is going to school because of the virus. School is closed because of the virus.” He HAD to tell me. He understands that SO MUCH is missing in his dear little life…BECAUSE OF THE VIRUS. He looked into the bus two more times and repeated his story; my heart ripped a little more with each glance: sadness with strings attached. My hands, like those of so many mothers, are tied. One cannot offer comfort with words that ring hollow (eg “ Oh, it will go away soon! or “ You’ll be taking the bus in September!”). Nope. I had no choice but to let his words affect me like isopropyl alcohol on a gaping wound…awful! I was, however, able to get it together and acknowledge his accuracy.

I can’t IMAGINE what I would have been feeling as a young adult in his shoes. I think I would have shed many tears. He, however, has not shed ANY , and I am amazed!

Timothy has been listening to bits of classical piano music on his Ipad and bringing me pictures of people at their pianos, wanting me to tell him their names. Pretend friends? I haven’t the slightest inclination who they are, yet he persists and persists ( will I burn the dinner or make up a name? hmmm…how about Sara Mushroom for this one and Cinddee Bayckon for the other?). He tries out the names on his palette, and thankfully the flavor seems to agree with him. Off he goes, while I turn my attention back to the Bell and Evan’s in the frying pan and flip the chicken just in time .(THAT time) Later, Timothy tries his hand at playing a hint of Bohemian Rhapsody. Finally, he finds joy ( praise God that he is smiling!!) in Zooming with Hannah and joining in singing THE STORM IS PASSING OVER 🎶 with her while I get to sneak a listen.

Let’s pray that this Coronavirus is passing over too , and that we WILL see the people on the ( school) bus before too long.

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