” Write it Together?”

Today was another hard day (we have been having a string of them). Timothy suddenly remembered out-loud that he had been “playing ” tennis. I confirmed this while I folded towels, figured out dinner, and made a shopping list (forgot the bananas in my distraction, darn it). Of course I thought he was referencing last Friday’s “game” with a new (adult) friend Skylar. He doesn’t really play the game but he enjoys TRYING to play, as I sit and cheer him on (in a voice that is probably too loud). I was thinking HE meant this past Friday at the park.. but nope; He was referencing Special Olympic tennis from last year (everything S.O. THIS year has been done through Zoom.. and although grateful for that technology, it’s JUST not the same as being there when you are living for the day when everything in-person resumes! When’s that happening again?? ANYBODY?).

When Timothy did S.O. tennis last year, there was a whole group of folks like my son, so it was nice from a social perspective for sure. He had a couple teachers(I think they may be volunteers) who were great! At pick-up time, when I came to scoop him up, he was still very engaged with them doing some kind of round-robin thing and trying to get the hang of it on one side of the net. I REALLY miss these activities for him! The absence of them often seems punishing, and thus the hard days. Factor in the humidity and you’ve got a perfect formula for breakdown. I am digressing!

After my son began referring (throughout most of the day) to S.O. tennis, he kept bringing up the name of Victoria. (I mentioned in another blog post about how I have to make up names for him to hold on to, just to get the chicken in my skillet turned over..well here we go again but with a little difference). Could mom call her? Could mom text her? Of course explaining that I don’t know her and that her phone number is not in my phone has a net zero impact. I made up a last name again when he needed to know that (went w/ Parrkhinsun). Next, he spoke sweetly to me with a hand on my shoulder quite unexpectedly and asked about writing a letter to Victoria! I thought: learning opportunity! I ran off and got a bit of stationery with a matching envelope (it happened to be handy, and since I make my own cards* a lot of the time I didn’t mind using it). He said in that gentle voice of his (always gets me when he does that ): “write it together?” His voice even went up at the question mark as a typical person’s might. Let’s do this! He took the pencil I handed to him and wrote on his own (hinting at help w/ a few things): “Dear Victoria, How are you doing? I am good. from Timothy”. He practiced stuffing the envelope (it fell apart in the process..quick Scotch Tape fix at the ready, followed by a small visual demo of how to open the envelope in prep to stuff) and then writing her name and address (dictated by me, of course, although I have no actual knowledge of where Hairbrush Road is located in Volume, Ma).

Tomorrow he gets to go (for three blessed hours!!!) to a bricks and mortar school for part of his summer program! He cannot take a bus and once at school must conform to all the things we have been doing already with masks and social distancing, etc. He is excited because I have promised to take him to see a particular CVS store associate (he can say ” store associate” now) after school. Her name (no lie) is Victoria! She does not play tennis though (I don’t think!). Maybe I should ask her just in case.

*I am a very “un-techy” person and would love to put some of my cards up on my blog (to help decorate it and hopefully inspire others). It’s a goal. I have yet to learn how to do this. Hoping someone at WordPress can actually talk to me on the phone and walk me through it! Here’s hoping!

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