Pandemic Lemonade Stand

How do you tell your kid, lemonade stand first-timer, that he can’t have a lemonade stand because of the pandemic.? Hmm..How about a bit of careful thought for a start! I’ve been thinking about it as a therapist. There is definitely a way to do it, starting out with the usual things: going out to the store to buy the lemons , the sugar..trying to avoid getting the juice in your kid’s eyes while you’re squeezing out the lemons (‘could you PLEASE stand back while I’m doing this part!”), being sure to get the seeds know, all of that STUFF, right? You get your big pitcher out and do the teachable moment of “it’s a PITCHER, not a picture.” Set your (hopefully not too wonky) little table outside with your not-too-tall paper cups (more servings more jingle in the bank). But how to maintain the lemonade stand with THE PANDEMIC ? Well, to begin with, the customer who drives up in their car needs to see the smiling face of of your child (pretty standard thing: happy faces sell the lemonade!) but now with social distancing ..I”ve considered putting my child in an adaptive mask made from a Glad sandwich bag (kidding) which might be handy…so that germs or no germs, a smiling face can STILL be seen..hooking it around the ears with rubber bands in the usual method. Cumbersome but cute(?). It might work for a short time. Hey, the driver might even feel SORRY for the kid and buy up all the lemonade just to get him out of the sandwich bag!

Hiding the hand sanitizer under the little table used to be essential to avoid a potential drive- by snatch (remember when we couldn’t GET hand sanitizer at the stores?) Now it seems like everyone is making it! Maybe we should put that in a large picture..I mean pitcher instead, without the straws though. The other pandemic essential is to have a suction cup reacher (long). If you are not familiar, this is a tool that Occupational Therapists often use with their patients or clients for adaptive dressing or for retrieval tasks when bending is difficult or impossible. In this instance, since Elasta Girl is fictional and cannot help us out, the reacher can be used like a long arm, delivering the satiating lemonade into the hand before the driver even has time to sneeze in the kid’s direction. So now the tike can approach cars (socially distanced) AFTER the driver, of course, pitches the cost of the cup into a wide brimmed basket , perfectly parked in the grass near the table. Instant adaptive success! The kid might make up a game out of the new technique as closing time approaches (if there were too many cups of lemonade leftover) and post a sign that says: get your money in the basket first time, get a second cup free! Now that’s a pandemic lemonade stand. Not too sour I think!

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