Hybrid school & Absence of Friends

The summer is dragging on (the humidity makes it worse for Timothy and all of us!). There are many times in the course of the day where Timothy does not know what to do, so he has taken to repeatedly pulling the shower curtain closed, opening/closing windows and looking intently at doors that he has just made ajar. The iPad captures his attention for limited amounts of time. He is bored and the autistic things seem to bloom in these moments. The whining meter is on medium high these days ( so I push down its effects on me with a light beer). He is desperate for friends and fun (two things that simply don’t grow on trees). He is going into the classroom 2 days a week now for only 3 hours a day each of those days and then is still being home-schooled by me or by his dad (if his dad feels well enough to do it) . He talks incessantly about school and “going on Monday or Wednesday”. It is clear that he would like to be there all day 5 days a week. More frustration for sure.

I managed to lasso a church friend into “playing” soccer with him for an hour at a park. It was great! He was loving it. I made a couple short recordings so that he could look back and remember who Miss Sarah is (she leaves the country soon to basically start a new life). It is pretty much up to me to figure out his day yet some of the things I plan just end up going off-kilter (like the idea of following a recipe… a new idea for him, making popcorn and watching( the cartoon of )Beauty and the Beast for the first time. He LOVES musicals(on the stage, not the TV) and the air conditioned room would have been perfect! But what do I know? He sort of “replied” that he wanted to watch a movie about The United Kingdom! -Clearly something he was watching on his IPad brought him to that idea. I told him we would look for something (time to dump on dad!) about it and “reminded” him that his English granny came from there. Upon hearing this, he ran to the family room to kiss her picture (probably taken about 6-8 months before she passed away this past January). He is in the picture too. He told me, “Granny loves Timothy,” and I affirm this SEVERAL times today with each of his declarations . I “remind” him that she is in Heaven now with Jesus and that we will see her there one day. He stops paying attention after I say that she is in Heaven. That’s what he usually does. I don’t focus on the fact that I can’t get through to him though because I know that it’s not that important, and that God will make everything clear to Timothy in His perfect timing!

Tomorrow I have to pray first thing when I get up in the morning, as I am heading to the court to turn in all the necessary paperwork for Timothy’s guardianship process. He turns 18 in a few months and because of his diagnoses and intellectual impairment, he cannot make big decisions for himself and won’t ever be able to this on this side of Heaven. in the eyes of the court when you turn 18 you are considered and adult but Timothy does not fit the bill. I am planning to be his guardian so that I can continue to make those big decisions for him legally. This is just the beginning..I have to issue citations to everyone concerned (and yet they already know I am doing this! It’s a technicality) and then try to get a court date before he turns 18. I was recently told that I will have to do some “emergency filing” in the near future because of ALL of the court dates that have been pushed back due to the detrimentally impactful Corona Closing. They just recently reopened, thank God! If you are reading this please pray for a smooth process tomorrow and that I find parking(which is a REALLY big deal!) . Thank you!

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