Happy Thanksgiving Just About

I am finally realizing that it is becoming impossibly difficult to find quiet time to dedicate to writing on this blog. I am more than certain that by my excessively long absence, I have lost any audience I may have initially found; I cannot be bothered by this realization! I simply must, ” carry on,” as my British mom might have said. And so I shall! Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Hmm..I’m really not sure 🙂

Timothy has been managing reasonably well as of late with his pandemic-related, near- total- lack of socialization opportunities.- I am still seeing some of his negative behaviors I have previously written about; I am coping better with them on some days than on others (truth be told).

Timothy crossed a wonderful, positive, behavioral bridge last night, allowing his dear dad to “tuck him in” instead of his weary olde mom! It happened out of my extreme exhaustion which was quite the bonus: I told him matter-of-factly: ” mom is going to bed, and dad is going to tuck you in”. I waited for an anticipated whine or negative reaction but came up in the clear, praise God! Silence certainly is golden when one can’t stand up anymore and bed is calling! My son only “insisted” that I do hugs and say prayers; I was able to step up and do those in the the moment which passed as satisfactory (no complaint was perceived). Continuing over the positive behavioral bridge topic, Timothy spotted folded laundry outside his bedroom door and spontaneously brought it into his room and began putting it away without a word from me! He SAW it and ACTED on it without cues!! Could have knocked me over with a feather; I was very pleased! On the other hand, he decided too to take the initiative with getting his clean underwear (typically washed and hung up to dry) from the laundry room and put it away. Great idea! I didn’t know he had done this until shower time, however, when I went to get out a clean pair of his Jockey’s(why didn’t I let him get them out and make the “discovery”?) and connected suddenly with “good wetness” (I am sure you can imagine what “bad wetness” is if you stop for a second). Teachable moment straight ahead: “Timothy, oops! Did you put away your underwear, Sweet Pea?” (I hear the positive reply from behind the bathroom door). I will have to review this “fun ” concept with him later: leave your wet underwear hanging up until it’s dry! Sure loved him taking that initiative though! It’s great to see his initiative because it translates into higher thinking and to focusing, and taking responsibility when there had been none. There is still such a long way to go and I am, as his mom, only one tiny piece of his life-puzzle. He has God to guide and direct him and to protect him, and I have my faith which forces me (otherwise a type A and hanger-oner) to let go! Timothy’s future is in His hands. Remember the song “He’s got the whole world in His hands”? I think that’s what it was called..well..I need to actively remember that by consistently and appropriately letting go.

Tomorrow we’re having a turkey and a few good things to go with it (Timothy is sort of expecting this, so we are doing “it”). I am very thankful to God for ALL of His great provision, blessings, and agape love. I wish anyone reading this a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving Just About

  1. Hi Heather,
    Always great to read your blog… and now can Timothy teach my three what it means when you see a pile of clean folded laundry? Good for him! Praying for his ears and Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃


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